Local and sustainable?


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A lot of wood, natural materials, and high-quality furnishings crafted by local companies reflect our love and connection to nature and the region. Sustainability and regionalism are perceptible in all areas. Many of the ingredients used in our gourmet kitchen come from East Tyrol. A wonderful place to relax is our Nature Spa with a bathing pond, indoor pool, and various saunas. Even in the variety of treatments, natural products take center stage.

We act sustainably...

...since 1996!

Out of love for the environment, we operate sustainably, proactively and responsibly. By using energy-efficient materials and technologies, using heat and water sparingly, using environmentally friendly cleaning agents, avoiding waste and separating rubbish. For us and for future generations.

We love homemade things

We bake our own bread, make jams, and offer our guests homemade herbal lemonades. Our cake and strudel creations at the afternoon buffet are legendary, and the stone pine schnapps by Senior Chef Sepp Ganzer is unique. Because homemade simply tastes the best. In our hotel shop, you'll find our homemade specialties as well as a selection of souvenirs from local artists for those you'd like to delight.

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Our environmental Report

We prioritize transparency and communicate our achieved as well as future goals in our environmental report:

  • Ongoing limitation of energy and water consumption
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Limitation of waste volume
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Promotion of the regional economy

Report (in German)

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Mobility in East Tyrol

Arrive without your own car and still enjoy mobility in east tyrol? It's possible with us! For guests arriving by train, we offer a free shuttle to/from Lienz train station. Our hiking guides use the Outside Shuttle bus to environmentally travel with guests to the starting points of guided tours. And the best information at the end: with the guest card you receive at check-in, you can use a large part of public buses in East Tyrol for free.

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