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Dear guest! Our privacy policy is currently only provided in German language in order to ensure that the measures/disclosures listed are truly accurate and that there can be no misinterpretations due to an incorrect translation. If you have any questions regarding data protection on our website, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you for your understanding!

Recording of data on this website


Our websites and pages use what the industry refers to as “cookies.” Cookies are small text files that do not cause any damage to your device. They are either stored temporarily for the duration of a session (session cookies) or they are permanently archived on your device (permanent cookies). Session cookies are automatically deleted once you terminate your visit. Permanent cookies remain archived on your device until you actively delete them or they are automatically eradicated by your web browser.

In some cases it is possible that third party cookies are stored on your device once you enter our site (third party cookies). These cookies enable you or us to take advantage of certain services offered by the third party (e.g. cookies for the processing of payment services).

Cookies have a variety of functions. Many cookies are technically essential since certain website functions would not work in the absence of the cookies (e.g. the shopping cart function or the display of videos). The purpose of other cookies may be the analysis of user patterns or the display of promotional messages.

Cookies, which are required for the performance of electronic communication transactions (required cookies) or for the provision of certain functions you want to use (functional cookies, e.g. for the shopping cart function) or those that are necessary for the optimization of the website (e.g. cookies that provide measurable insights into the web audience), shall be stored on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR, unless a different legal basis is cited. The operator of the website has a legitimate interest in the storage of cookies to ensure the technically error free and optimized provision of the operator’s services. If your consent to the storage of the cookies has been requested, the respective cookies are stored exclusively on the basis of the consent obtained (Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. a GDPR); this consent may be revoked at any time.

You have the option to set up your browser in such a manner that you will be notified any time cookies are placed and to permit the acceptance of cookies only in specific cases. You may also exclude the acceptance of cookies in certain cases or in general or activate the delete function for the automatic eradication of cookies when the browser closes. If cookies are deactivated, the functions of this website may be limited.

In the event that third party cookies are used or if cookies are used for analytical purposes, we will separately notify you in conjunction with this Data Protection Policy and, if applicable, ask for your consent.

Technically required cookies guarantee the basic functions of the website such as site navigation. Without such cookies, the website cannot function correctly. Therefore, this information is essential to provide you with our online services.
Legal basis for incorporating these cookies is Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Cookie-Name: PHPSESSID
Provider: Typo3
Duration: Session
Purpose of this Cookie: Contains the visitor’s state charac-teristics whenever pages are requested.

Cookie-Name: be_typo_user
Provider: Typo3
Duration: Session
Purpose of this Cookie: Notifies Typo3 whether the visitor is logged into the Typo3 backend and which backend user it is.

Cookie-Name: cookieconsent_status
Provider: Typo3
Duration: 1 year
Purpose of this Cookie: Stores the visitor’s consent status with respect to use of cookies on the domain in question.

Cookie-Name: dp_cookieconsent_status
Provider: Typo3
Duration: 1 year
Purpose of this Cookie: Stores the fact that the visitor has viewed the cookie banner.

These cookies enable us to keep statistics about the visitors of our website. User experience can be improved on the basis of such information – for example, the number of visitors to the various areas of the website and the frequency of visits, help us to improve our site navigation and provided services. Statistic cookies are processed only on your consent.

Cookie-Name: _ga
Provider: Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager
Duration: 2 years
Purpose of this Cookie: Used to reduce enquiry rates.

Cookie-Name: _gid
Provider: Google Analytics
Duration: 24h
Purpose of this Cookie: Registers an explicit ID that is used in order to generate statistical data about the visitor’s use of the website.

Cookie-Name: _gat
Provider: Google Analytics
Duration: 1 minute
Purpose of this Cookie: Used by Google Analytics in order to throttle request rates.

These cookies collect information about your user behaviour on our website. They are used by us to create individual offers and campaigns. In addition, the cookies are used to make your visit to our website as pleasant as possible. These cookies are therefore used to enable you to use the website in the same way as you are used to from previous visits. These cookies are processed on the basis of your consent.

Cookie name: _fbp
Creator: Meta Platforms, Inc.
Duration: 2 months
Purpose: Used by Meta Platforms, Inc. to display a range of advertising products, for example real-time bids from third party advertisers.

Cookie name: _gcl_au
Creator: Google AdSense
Duration: 90 days
Purpose: Used by Google AdSense to experiment with advertising efficiency on websites that use their services.

Third party services are integrated on our website, which in turn can collect cookies and transmit them to the country of origin. If you consent to the use of these services, your personal data may also be transferred to and processed in third countries which are insecure in terms of data protection (insufficient level of data protection according to EU standards). Please note that the responsibility for the transfer and processing of your data lies with these companies and takes place without our involvement. 

The use of the services listed below is in the interest of an appealing presentation of our online offers. This constitutes a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) lit. f DSGVO. Insofar as a corresponding consent has been requested, the processing is carried out exclusively on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a DSGVO; your consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Google Services

Provider: Google Ireland Limited („Google“), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Irland

You can find detailed information about data protection with Google services in their privacy policy.